CSS Preparation

We, at Hallmark Institute, have developed solutions of almost all the problems a variety of CSS candidates face. All the problems enumerated above and the rest are dealt with a very rational, systematic and scientific approach. We are unique in our approach and course of action. No academy or institute, as we surveyed, is catering to the individual needs of the candidates based on the calculation of chances of success. We do not provide ready-made notes on all topics, rather we promote the ability in students to develop their own reference-notes in a supervised environment.
We have adopted the most modern behavioral / psychological approach in our academic operations to ensure students’ interest, motivation, progress across study plan, rational thinking, analytical skills development and hence confidence.
Students are not only coached in preparation of topics and development of knowledge and relevant vocabulary, but they are also trained to best express their knowledge / information on a given topic in the most composed, planned and organized manner.
Further, the students are trained in exams-attempting skills to optimize the results with their available knowledge / information and eliminating reasons of failure.
One may have noticed that here I have been using the words of “Training and Coaching” instead of “Teaching”. It is because we pass a student through many simulations which are supervised and evaluated. So, the students get the real idea and practice of the exams much before actually going to the examination hall.
In one sentence, our strategy for our CSS student is “Closing the channels of failure”.

Chances of Success

It’s a competition of those who know more with those who know less. At PATRIOT INSTITUTE, we provide our students with the most critical information, vision, knowledge, coaching, evaluation and support. A complete study plan is made for every student. With the help of our coaching, a candidate has mathematical control over the results – a clear advantage over other candidates.


Regular classes are conducted at Faisalabad with the most comprehensive and Scientific course of studies for 5 months. Candidates from other cities can also avail of these classes as accommodation facilities are also available.
However, those candidates who can not attend our regular classes at Faisalabad for any reason, can avail of On-Line classes. Almost every candidate can avail of these classes as these are conducted with very flexible time schedules and even accommodating working people in late hours. This mode involves use of phone and Skype for lectures and use of internet for tests and material transfer.


For regular classes at Faisalabad campus, total fee charged for 5 months program is Rs. 50,000 only to be paid at campus.
For On-line classes, total fee charged for 4 months program is Rs. 20,000 only to be sent through bank or deposited at Faisalabad campus.
For a great task like CSS exams, where you have to invest a good deal of your valuable time and where the chances to attempt are limited, never risk your success by compromising on your resources for preparation.

Scientific Track for CSS Preparation. The Job is not hard.

Step 1.  See that you are eligible for the competition as per CE rules.
Step 2.  Select Optional subjects keeping in view your educational background and interests. But, never select any optional subject without reading its syllabus in detail.
Step 3.  Assess the available time for preparation.
Step 4.  Select books and reading materials and mark required topics in them.
Step 5.  Plan order of subjects for preparation. And allocate time for each subject leaving sufficient time for revisions and practice.
Step 6.  Divide the time allocated for each subject in two sections. Section 1 should be just 10 to 20 percent of the allocated time and in this time first fast reading should be done and all important information or lines should be marked or underlined on books and other study materials. In Section 2, the subject should be prepared in detail. Same procedure for all subjects except Essay, Precis  & Composition and Current Affairs.
Step 7.  For papers of Essay and Precis & Composition, personal notes should be developed including list of favourite words, quotitions, synonyms and acronyms. Notes should also include fresh information on topics expected for Essay writing. And, planned simulation of these two papers should be done on regular basis.
Step 8. Practice of past papers should be done for preparation of Precis & Composition.
Step 9. Fresh information should be noted in hints and proper wordings on topics of Current Affairs.
Step 10. All the subjects should be revised with few simulations of 3 hours examination paper. And, well before commencement of exams, schedule your routine according to exams timing otherwise you may encounter sleep or hunger in examination hall.
Step 11. The aspirant should feel proud of their knowledge to gain morale.
Step 12. Let me categorically tell you that after doing this exercise, you shall no more be an ordinary person. Whether you succeed in CSS or not, this knowledge will surely differentiate you in almost all walks of life, making success easy in almost every field. Such thinking will lower the pressure an aspirant bears because in one case the aspirant will be a CSP while in other case there will be no reward.
Step 13. Go for the exams quite confidently.
Still need some online guidance? Send an email to pakish.nawaz@gmail.com or call 03217653578. 

Written portion of CSS Exams

Written portion of CSS Exams has 1200 marks in total. Compulsory subjects are English Essay Writing (100 marks), English Précis & Composition (100 Marks), General Knowledge (300 Marks) and Islamic Studies (100 Marks). The General Knowledge has three papers viz., Every Day Science (100 Marks), Current Affairs (100 Marks) and Pakistan Affairs (100 Marks). The minimum passing marks for compulsory subjects is 40 percent.
  There is a wide variety of optional subjects, divided into groups. A candidate has to select subjects for 600 marks. The minimum passing marks for optional subjects is 33%.
To pass the written portion of examination, a candidate must achieve 50% marks in total.
  A candidate has to pass all the subjects and there is no supplementary exam. 

Subject Selection for CSS Exams
  A candidate has to select optional subject cumulatively bearing 600 marks. While selecting subjects, a candidate must take into account the relative risk of failure which the different subject-combinations pose. Syllabus of each subject should be gone through before any decision on its selection. However, it is not of much importance as to whether books recommended by the commission for a subject are easily available or not. An attempt should be made that minimum amount of knowledge should give maximum utility across subjects.

English Essay Writing
The most critical and thought-to-be-difficult paper in CSS exams is the first paper i.e. English Essay Writing. Its being first also makes it very important because a candidate’s performance in it casts a huge impact on his/her morale through the examination. Secondly, as it is a single-question-paper, so again, the risk increases many folds as compared to a multi-questions-paper.
  A single question requiring a lengthy answer of 3000 to 4000 words presents a big problem, to the candidates, of right organization of data through out the answer.
  On the other hand, however, preparation for this paper is very easy. Because, we can devise a general pattern and process-flow to organize data in an essay. It can work, for almost every topic, with small variations. Such a planning can also help us predict the estimated number of words we can produce on a topic. So, it is also helpful in making the perfect selection of the topic for essay writing.

Everyday Science, Third paper of CSS Exams

  This paper gives a clear privilege to those candidates who have done F.Sc. Because, it requires a good conceptual knowledge of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography and other fields of science of intermediate or higher secondary level. The candidates who have done F.Sc. can/should score above 85% marks without much difficulty, if their concepts are sound. However, those candidates who have not studied science subjects in their intermediate or higher secondary education, can also score good marks in this paper, but, I believe, they need to get help of a very good teacher/ trainer who can build their concepts in a short span of time. No doubt, it is a high-scoring paper, if wisely prepared and 
attempted. Because, it has small questions requiring definite answers.

For queries, appointments & admissions, call 03217653578.

Students from cities other than Faisalabad or busy in day time should contact 03217653578 for similar facilities at their homes.

Hallmark Institute of Excellence
ChenOne road, Peoples’ Colony, Faisalabad.


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